Easy Minecraft Tips and Tricks for a More Enjoyable Game Play

When you play the game using a free Minecraft account, you need to know some tips and tricks which will help you navigate the game faster and play your way all around the different dimensions of the game.

play minecraft for free

Breathe for a Prolonged Time While Underwater

If you wanted to explore the ocean or build a base, you need a trick so you can stay underwater for a long time. You can use the torch method for a temporary purpose only. By bringing a torch underwater, you will be able to get a quick breath of air by placing a torch leveled to the blocks you’re standing. However, using doors will enable you to stay in the waters forever since you can make a pocket air out of it.
“F” Button Features that You Should Know About

Take note of these buttons to help you with the game:

• F1. By pressing this key, it will cause your HUD to disappear such as your hands, health and armor, hot bar, and any item that you are holding. Releasing the key will bring the HUD back.
• F2. This key allows you to make screenshots on your screen, and you can have a look at it in your Minecraft folder. You can use those screenshots as your desktop background or show it off to your friends.
• F3. Once you hold down on this key, all data on your current playing mode will appear like the FPS, updates, CPU usage, and many more.
• F5. This key is best used in nighttime since it allows you the third person view needed to see anything behind you.
• F10. This key allows you to pause the game.
• F11. You can use the Fullscreen mode while pressing this key.

Remember these Things When You Go Mining:

• Compass
• 3 pork shops
• 4 stacks of torches or more depending on how deep you will go in mining (64 torches for each stack)

How to Store Your Items Properly?

If you have items to store, make sure that you store them properly for your items to be organized. An organized storage allows you to see the items that you want to use quickly and efficiently. Label your items in different categories such as, “plants”, for any plants you see, have them stored on that category.

Want to Have an Unlimited Water Source?

Water is needed in Minecraft, and you need an abundant source for it. To get an unlimited water source, you will need 2 buckets of water. Once you have your buckets, get a 4×4 empty square where you will dig out two holes. After digging, place your 2 buckets of water in the 2 holes. You will see that water will fill in. And when you get some, it will automatically regenerate water.

How to Easily Find a Diamond?

A diamond is used to make armors, swords, hoes, and axes. For you to easily find it, you should mine your way down to layer 12. By pressing F3 on your computer or map for Xbox, you will know if you’re in this layer. So, dig it in.
Minecraft for free has a lot of things left undiscovered. By learning to explore each ground, it will help you discover new things that will make you glued on the game even more.

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Easy Ways to Get Minecraft for Free

Minecraft is very popular among online gamers these days and can be played in a desktop computer or through an Xbox. The game basically involves creating anything that you want using blocks and you will be able to explore the creation of other people, too.

Downloading this game however would require you to pay, but if you want to get Minecraft for free, then refer to the steps below.

Minecraft for free

Download the Demo

Take note that the downloadable file of the Minecraft demo version has been released in the market several years ago and thus, this version is already considered obsolete or out of date. However, this version is the easiest to get if you need Minecraft for free. The demo version can be downloaded from the official website of Minecraft and this is the latest of all the demo versions released by Minecraft.

The great thing is that downloading this file does not require any registration. As soon as you are done downloading the file, simply double click on the installer to open it and start setting up the program.  Afterwards, run the program and you can begin to play.

Demo Game Limitations

Take note that the demo version of the Minecraft for free comprises only of the full feature single player version and each world would lock right after 90 minutes. After that, you will no longer be able to create or build buildings. You will be able to start creating a new world as many times as you wish though.

Playing the Demo Game Online

There are also ways to play the demo version of Minecraft for free online. Simply do a search and you will be provided with several links on where you could play the game. Some sites will ask you to register before you can play the game. But just like with the downloadable version, the online demo version of Minecraft for free also has limitations.

Hide Your Activity with HideMyAss Virtual Private Network

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Download Minecraft for free

Have you ever heard of the popular computer game Minecraft?

Minecraft for free


If not, you are missing out! Minecraft is one of the most downloaded games out there on the internet. What makes Minecraft different is that it is not just a simple computer game. From building houses, building machines, pvp, fighting games, creating potions, etc… Minecraft is like no other game out there. Best of all, you can download Minecraft for free.

Besides being able to download Minecraft for free, you can design and custom it to your own preference. Once you have done that, all you have to do is make your Minecraft skin. This means you design what your avatar looks like. After you have designed your avatar, you can either play on your own server or play on a server with other people. No matter what your preference, Minecraft has it waiting for you.

When looking for the perfect server to play on, you can always make your own.

Once you have made your own server, you can play on it by yourself or get others to join. Comparing Minecraft to other computer games, you notice that Minecraft has a secret that other games do not. Minecraft allows players to communicate with one another by chatting. Minecraft really lets its players dream to the moon and back. No computer game can compete with Minecraft.

If you have not downloaded Minecraft for free already, you need to get to it. This computer game is one of a kind. It is not just a simple boring game. Minecraft allows players to do the unthinkable. Some make potions, while others battle it out in arenas. You can even build your own house as large as you would like. Whether you are creative, confrontational, or anything in between, Minecraft has got everything you need.